Voice Disorders

Common Complaints from patients with a voice box problem

“I lost my voice” “I have a lump in my throat that’s always there.” “ I cough when I drink fluids” “My voice is weak / I cannot project my voice” “I get tired when I use my voice a lot or in background noise” “My voice is making it hard for me to work” “I am constantly clearing my throat” If this is you, then you may be suffering from a voice disorder. SVAS is a provider of specialist ENT and Speech Pathology services in Sydney which diagnoses and treats a broad range of common voice disorders.

Symptoms of a Voice Disorder

Voicing difficulties can present in a wide variety of ways depending on the person and the underlying problem. Furthermore people can be affected differently by the same symptom. For example an aspiring singer with a slightly decreased vocal range may be affected much more than a librarian with the same problem. 32 Some of the common Voice Symptoms that people present with include:

  • Hoarseness or rough voice – This indicates a problem with vocal fold vibration. It is usually caused by incomplete vocal fold closure or altered pliabilty of the vocal fold lining.
  • Weak voice, reduced volume or inability to raise voice – This often indicates a problem with vocal fold closure. People typically have trouble being heard especially over longer distances or in the presence of background noise such as in a restaurant or at a party. Some people with lung problems are also unable to force enough air across the vocal folds to produce a loud voice
  • Tremulous voice – This sounds like a vibration or tremor in the voice. It may indicate an underlying nerve or muscle problem, and may be associated with a variety of other conditions
  • Strangled voice or breathy voice – Some people have difficulty getting certain sounds out and cut words off whilst speaking. This is usually due to inappropriate action of the vocal fold muscles and can be associated with some neurological conditions.
  • Loss of range, loss of upper register – A decreased ability to raise the pitch of the voice can cause difficulties, especially amongst professional voice users. It often indicates a problem with the muscles which tension the vocal folds.
  • Vocal Fatigue – Tiredness of the voice or discomfort with prolonged use
  • Breathlessness whilst talking – Often indicates that excess air is escaping from the lungs and may be a sign of vocal fold weakness

There are other common Throat Symptoms that may also indicate a problem with the larynx including:

  • Throat irritation – A feeling of an irritation of something stuck in the throat
  • Chronic Throat Clearing or Cough
  • Difficulty Breathing or Swallowing space

Common Voice Disorders

Voice problems are common in society and often people don’t realize that something can be done. Some of the common conditions that we treat include: Untitled-21

Through quality training of our staff at an international level SVAS is able to provide the highest quality of care for patients with voice disorders both in Sydney and Australia wide. Contact us now and our friendly and professional staff will assist you.